About City Life

City Life Target Group:

Students who are going into High School (have finished 8th grade) through those who have just graduated.

City Life Values:

  • To provide quality, godly adult leadership for each ministry exposure team
  • To prepare students for the ministry at hand
  • To provide evaluation and debriefing sessions for each ministry opportunity
  • To encourage participation in ministry opportunities upon returning home

City Life Objectives:

For students to know:

  • the importance of who God is
  • how to follow a plan to read God’s word each day
  • the facts of the Gospel including foundational verses
  • his responsibility as a follower of Jesus

For students to be:

  • understanding truth from God’s Word
  • thinking of the needs of others more than self
  • personally challenged by various ways to be and do “church” for the glory of God
  • committed to prayer for individuals who need Christ

For students to be equipped how to:

  • Initiate conversations
  • turn conversations towards the spiritual
  • pray for and with people
  • share a personal testimony

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